Electrical Division

Our team consists of Project Manager, Project Engineer, Safety Manager, and Electrician that possesses PW4 certificate and we are particularly proud of our current crop of apprentices. Our installation teams are selected carefully to ensure that they have the necessary expertise, training, and knowledge for all elements of any project we undertake. Status engages in trades training programmes, specialty training, and encourages all workers to improve their abilities.

The electrical division are strongly known with their services.

Supplying, installing, and maintaining electrical systems that monitor and manage power supply to buildings in order to guarantee that other E&M systems, such as lighting, MVAC systems, and other E&M systems, can work effectively

Lightning system, earthing and bonding system, lightning protection system, and emergency generator power supply system including system pipework, electrical cable, and wiring works

Our objective is to achieve the best level of customer satisfaction possible with the services provided. SHELL is one of our biggest clients that have been using our services for rewiring program and electrical equipment installation such as ELCB, MSB, DB, Surge Protector Device and etc. at SHELL petrol station